In a highly politically charged environment following President Trump’s first 100 days, the American people are angered with the current state of affairs. From loose cannon executive orders and the continuity of political infighting, to the challenges facing the country’s economy and day to day running, change is necessary. Members of the Republican Party will meet in secret to attempt to reconcile the identity crisis within the party and put personal interest aside in order to hammer out an omnibus compromise in moving the nation forward. These Republican representatives will have to weigh the consequences of each decision they make carefully, as each will have its own political and material cost. Amidst the day to day struggle that is American politics, rumors of varying degrees of truth concerning Russian involvement within the US will present unique challenges for delegates to grapple with.

Additionally, the public is concerned with the flagging moderate base than many loved and supported within the GOP’s degradation. To many it appears more radical politicians such as Tea Party and Alt Right members have the reins and continue to polarize the political climate and impede real progress. How delegates mitigate and navigate these costs are up to them as they fight for the future of the Republican Party, the country, as well as their own.

Letter from the Chair

Hello esteemed delegates,

I am excited to be head chairing this committee: Crossroads: The Future of the Republican Party. As someone who competed in Lincoln-Douglas debate for 4 years, it’s interesting to watch the party of Lincoln evolve into the party of Trump. The changes we have seen since just 2016 are unlike any other year in politics. The striking circumstances of this presidency and party politics are what inspired this committee. I look forward to seeing the delegates in our committee take real circumstances from this administration and demonstrate a different way things could have ended up.

 I am a third year double majoring in biology and political science and minoring in Spanish. While not entirely certain on what future career to pursue, the purpose of my seemingly unrelated fields of study is to unite science and politics. For fun I enjoy dancing (particularly doing west coast swing dance), spending time with animals, and travelling.

I have been apart of Model United Nations for the last 3 years competing on the circuit, holding an executive officer position, and hosting conferences, including working in crisis committees at the past two Aggie MUN’s. This will be my first time head chairing but I am certain my experience competing and helping run crisis rooms will make me fit as a head chair.

Best of luck delegates,

Clare Mosko, Head Chair

Letter from the Crisis Director

Dear Esteemed Delegates,

Let me first welcome you to AggieMUN IV in 2018 and express my gratitude for your joining us for the Congressional Committee.  It is my hope you will find the task at hand first enjoyable as well as a rewarding challenge immersing yourselves in the gauntlet of politics.  Like in the real world, every choice carries consequences for both yourself and the larger body of the committee as well.  Careful planning as well as the ability to think several moves in advance are key to success.

My name is Nicholas Archibald and I am honored to be serving as your Crisis Director.  I am a third year Political Science and History double major with my main focus in Middle Eastern History and International Relations.   I have been a member of Model United Nations now for almost three years having experienced both competing as a delegate and hosting several conferences.  My hope is that my experience will serve to make AggieMUN a highlight of your conference year.

Take note, as prominent political figures and working within the bounds of a free and inquisitive press,  overt and illegal actions may hold greater consequences.  While by no means are these creative means as well as use of your intuition discouraged, you are advised to exercise caution concerning your crisis notes.   Every action will bring consequences.  Exercise your best judgement.  

Best of luck Delegates,

Nicholas Archibald. Crisis Director

If you have any questions, please email