“May 2, 1998. It is the late evening and all around, you hear the sounds of Wizards and Witches apparating or flu powdering into the council room and there is almost a tangible source of worry and buzz. Your sources have alerted you that there was battle that ensued at the Magical School of Witchcraft and Wizardry, Hogwarts. There has been rumors that Lord Voldemort has been killed, but that doesn’t mean his supporters or allies haven’t surrendered in defeat…”

Welcome to the the International Confederation of Wizards Emergency Summit Committee. In this Specialized General Assembly, we will be discussing the battle that has just ensued at Hogwarts hours prior, the issue of other powerful Death Eaters and the power Vaccum left by Voldemort, the several areas still under attack across Europe, dealing with traitors, how to humanely deal with all the magical creatures who were released and used as pawns in this war and how to tackle problems regarding the Muggle communities. Delegates must tackle new issues while keeping in mind Clause 73 of the International Statue of Wizarding Secrecy, outlining each wizarding governing body’s responsibilities for concealment and possible disciplinary action for any breaches.

Position Paper information: here

Position Papers are due Friday January 26th, please email them to aggiemun.magic@davismun.org

Letter from the Chair

Dear Delegates,

My name is Nicholas Villarreal, a fourth year at the University of California, Davis. I am earning a major in Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies, B.A and a minor in Human Development, B.S and. I am Student Assistant in the Gender, Sexuality, and Women studies and the American Studies department; I am also a Barista at Starbucks and am currently the Under-Secretary General of Public Relations at UC Davis.

This has been my second year in Model United Nations after joining the UC Davis team back in September of 2016, since then I have competed and placed in multiple committees, hosted and chaired a few committees of my own and spent hours practicing and immersing myself in all things MUN. As well as having been the Under-Secretary General of Public Relations, I have taken great pride in participating in the MUN team at UC Davis. I am excited to chair this committee and get into the sensitive topics that this society has even faced in the aftermath of a war. Thankfully we get to do this in the regards to the Magical Wizarding Community of Harry Potter. For which I have done hours and hours of painstaking research by watching all the films including the Fantastic Beast and Where to Find Them. As well as having read all the books.

This committee has a very special place in my heart for me because I have read the entire series nineteen times. This is because my mom had several health issues and every time my mom went into the hospital because she needed surgery or what not; I would begin the series again. So for me the magical community and stories of the world of Harry Potter have always been an escape for me. So, I assure you that you would be hard pressed to find someone who has been as obsessed as me and/or knows all the random facts as much as me. But if you do, totally have them contact me so we can be friends.

My Dias and I look forward to the lively and important debates that will be taking place at this conference with the hope that you, as delegates, will come out of it with memories to last a lifetime. Most importantly we want it to be fun and MAGICAL!!!!

Wishing all the best,

Nicholas D. Villarreal, Supreme Mugwump