Aamir Shaikh

Secretary General

From San Francisco, California, Aamir is a senior majoring in Managerial Economics, with a minor in Computer Science. Aamir takes a keen interest in understanding how market forces and demographics impact upward mobility in impoverished nations. He is also a die-hard Warriors fan, and looks forward to their 3rd title in 4 years. He is eager to provide delegates with the best experience possible at this year’s AggieMUN! He can be reached at AggieMun.sg@davismun.org

Blair Fox

Director General

Blair is a Sophomore at UC Davis, majoring in Managerial Economics. He grew up in the United Arab Emirates, where he participated in MUN and developed a passion for international affairs. Having staffed and debated in both collegiate and international conferences, he is looking forward to a unique and innovative AggieMUN.

Alyssa Gauthier-Barret

USG of Committees

Alyssa Gauthier-Barrett, a third year Political Science Major and Economic minor, is originally from Orange County. She has been in MUN for two quarters, avidly traveling for the team and gaining experience in hosting and running a conference. In her spare time, she enjoys avidly watching movies, watching political TV and day time shows, and swimming. After she graduates this year, she plans on taking a year off before she departs for law school.


USG of Crisis

Johnleigh Dean is a Bay Area transfer from Diablo Valley College, currently a 4 th year International Relations and Public Policy double major. He is also considering an International Law minor. He has been involved with MUN for the last 4 years and has competed in numerous conferences in California and Europe. He has organized, staffed, and participated in several different types of crisis committees, even a 24-hour straight committee. He is looking forward to being present on the West Coast Circuit this year since he missed last years studying abroad in Paris, and is excited for the crisis committees in the times ahead. He likes to read about geopolitics within the MENA region, binge watch TV and anime shows, and go out dancing. After graduating, he looks to pursue a Master Degree and eventually be a Foreign Service Officer for the US State Department.

Rocio Perez

Chief of Staff

Rocio Perez is from Los Angeles,CA and is currently a third year Political Science and Sociology double major. During her free time she enjoys hip-hop dancing, reading mystery novels and interning for various non-profit organizations. Rocio plans to pursue law school in order to help advocate for the intersectionality of immigrant rights in the labor market. With two years of Model UN experience as part of crisis staff for DMUNC and AggieMUN, she is excited to continue MUN fun as an officer for this years AggieMUN conference.

Pahrmis Hashemi

USG of PR and Delegate Services

Pahrmis Hashemi is a second year Neurobiology, Physiology, and Behavior Science major. Originally from Orange County, CA, she enjoys spending time with her family and friends, attending concerts and music festivals, going to the beach, binge watching Netflix, and eating sushi. While at UC Davis, you might also find Pahrmis walking backwards around campus, as she is also a campus tour guide. She has been involved with Model United Nations for six years now and served on the Secretariat of her high school MUN program. She is excited to continue her MUN journey while serving on the Secretariat for AggieMUN and is looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces in committee!

Ray Woffinden

USG of Technology

Ray Woffinden is a third year comp sci and music major, with emphasis in the piano performance track. With a couple years of Model UN under his belt, the seasoned veteran has great plans to have DMUNC run as smoothly and efficiently as possible as Undersecretary of Technology. In his spare time, he enjoys Paradox Interactive titles, Texas Hold’em poker, and participates in various volunteer work under food banks. He looks forward to seeing delegates at DMUNC XV, and wishes that “the odds be ever in their favor“.

He can be reached at aggiemun.tech@davismun.org