State Capitol

Just three bloCapitolcks away from our hotel is the State Capitol Building. The 37 acre lot is home to California’s state legislature and the office of the government, as well as the Capitol Museum. Admission to the building is free, and the building is open from 8am-5pm on the weekdays and 9am-5pm on the weekends. Public tours are lead every hour on the hour from 9:00-4:00. AggieMUN will book a group tour for our delegates on Friday afternoon. For more information about tours, call the tour office at (916) 324-0333.

Old Sacramento

Old SacramentoOld Sacramento features cobbled streets and historic buildings from the 1850s and 1860s. Old Sacramento is home to steam trains and paddle boats, and buildings such as the Lady Adams Building which is the oldest building in Sacramento other than Sutters Fort, and the B.F. Hasting building which was an early home of the California Supreme Court. Old Sacramento has great candy shops, novelty boutiques, and souvenir shops to complement your visit.

Crocker Art Museum

crocker art museumCrocker Art Museum is the oldest public art museum west of the Mississippi River. The Museum is located at 216 O Street. Exhibits featured in January 2015 include Arte Mexicano: Legacy of Masters, and The Provoke Era: Japanese Photography. Museum hours are Tuesday-Sunday from 10am-5pm, Thursday from 10am-9pm. The admission fee for college students is $8.

Governors Mansion Historic State Park

Gov mansionGovernor’s Mansion Historic State Park is the Official Home of the Governor of California. It housed 13 governors It was built in 1877, and still contains many furnishings from governors. The Mansion is open Wednesday-Sunday from 10am-5p. The admission fee is $5. The address is 1526 H Street.

California Railroad Museum

railroad museumThe California Railroad Museum is located in Old Sacramento, at 111 I Street. The Museum features 21 locomotives and railroad cars as old as 1862. There are multiple exhibits including the “Sierra Scene,” which represents Donner Pass in 1867, an exhibit on the way railroads have influenced society, and an in depth history of the railroad. Next to the museum is also a fright depot and a 1870s era passenger station. The Museum is open daily from 10am-5pm, and admission is $10.

Sutter’s Fort

Sutters FortSutter’s Fort was the first non-native American colony in California’s Central Valley. Established by John Sutter in 1839, the fort was famously associated with the Donner Party, the Gold Rush, and its importance in the formation of Sacramento. Currently, Sutter’s Fort is a state park that contains the Fort and the California State Indian Museum. The Fort is open daily from 10am-5pm, and admission is $5.